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Maharishi Ayurveda Products
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Maharishi Ayurveda Products

Proprietary Products

Maharishi Ayurveda has over 900 proprietary formulations developed by expert vaidyas and manufactured at world-class facility, having many quality certifications to its credit including ISo, GMP HACCAP etc. The range of the products also varies from from products for general health to cardiac diseases, stress management, diabetes, ladies tonics and many more.

Maharishi Ayurveda Products

Classical Products

Maharishi Ayurveda manufactures over 350 products in the classical range. These are high quality, very effective products manufactured as per the authentic ayuvedic texts. The range includes, Vatis, Bhasmas, Asav-Arishtas, Churnas, Chavyanprash, Oils, Guggulu etc.

Maharishi Ayurveda Products

Food & Beverage

Food Suplements from Maharishi Ayurveda are made with a lot of attention on quality, taste and effectiveness in restoring the balance and doshas of the physiology. These are completely caffeine, nicotine free and very easily find their way in our daily life.

Maharishi Ayurveda Products

Ayurvedic Skin care & Personal hygiene

Maharishi Ayurveda offers a variety of soaps and oils for Personal Care and Skincare.

Classical Products

Maharishi Ayurveda Classical Preparations include Asavas-Arishtas, Oils, Avlehs, Vatis, Ras Rasayans, Churnas etc. Each of these groups of the classical medicines have their importance and specific methods of preparation. They are made as per the authentic Ayurvedic texts and procedures like Shodhana, Amritikarna, Put, Fermentation , Distillation, Boiling and a lot more are followed.

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Arks are distillates of herbs, they are extremely light in nature and very easily assailable in the system.
Gulab Ark, Ajwain Ark are some examples.

Asava & Arishta

Asava and Arishta are formed by infusion of herbs, water and later mixed with honey or jaggery and then processed further. Arjunarishta is useful in Heart diseases, Lung diseases and others. Ashokarishta is another in this category which is very effective in all types of gynaecological disorders, Leucorrhoea, Fever, Bleeding disorders, Piles, Dyspepsia, Restlessness, Leucorrhoea, Fever, Bleeding disorders, Piles, Dyspepsia, and Restlessness


Avaleh is a paste like product. Chyavanprash ia also and avleha and known for its Rasayana Gunas.


Churnas are powders made of either a single herb or many herbs benefiting in different types of diseases. Lavan Bhaskar Churna is a very famous Ayurvedic medicine for gastritis. Sitopladi churna is mainly used to treat cough and colds. It is also useful in laryngitis, pharyngitis, anorexia and bronchitis.


The curd processed from the cow’s milk is churned to obtain butter, which is heated at a temperature to obtain ghee. This ghee is then processed with medicinal herbs to produce Ghrit.


These are tablets form with Guggulu as the main base. Guggulu preparation like Medohar Guggulu is effective for obesity issues.


Taila is extracted from seeds of single herbs and then are processed with other herbs to make medicated oils.


Kashaya is water decoction of herbs. It is made by boiling herbs in water. The herbs used can be of a single variety or a mix of different varieties.


Pak is also a paste like product but slightly thicker than Avleh. Musali Pak is famous for its characteristic of providing strength.

Ras Rasayan

Element Mercury and other minerals go through purification procedures known as Sanskaran (18), Shodhan, removes harmful substances or impurities present in minerals or drugs that would cause toxic effect or disease in body. E.g. Swarna Sut Shekhar Ras is especially useful in hyperacidity associated with nausea, vomiting, epigastric pain, giddiness, hiccups and insomnia. Vat vidhwans Ras is useful in Arthritis, Back-ache.


These are tablets made of several herbs and sometimes minerals also. e.g. Kutajadi vati is good for IBS symptoms.


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