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Maintains Healthy Cholesterol Levels Clinically Researched and proven at AIIMS- Delhi.
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Highly Effective for

Cholesterol, Fat metabolism, Metabolism

Product Description

Combination of Gugula ,Aanantmoola helps reduce cholesterol levels,

Turmeric ,Anantmoola helps detoxify blood and getting rid of accumulations in the blood.

Pippali and Sunthi helps with stimulating Metabolism related with fat.

Significantly Reduces Triglycerides ,

Increases HDL levels,

lowers VLDL,LDL

Other Descriptions


Lipomap helps in controlling cholesterol, lowers triglycerides and increases High Density Lipids


Each 500mg tablet contains:

Nyctantes arbortristis 30mg
Zingiber officinale 5mg
Rubia cordifolia 30mg
Phyllanthus niruru 30mg
Tinospora cordifolia (Ghan) 30mg
Hemidesmus indicus 30mg
Purified Asphaltum 25mg
Commiphora mukul 100mg
Tinispora cordifolia (Satva) 25mg
Piper nigrum 5mg
Curcuma longa 100mg
Piper longum 5mg
Glycyrrhiza glabra 20mg

Recommended Dose:

2 Tablets twice a day before meals or as advised by the physician.


2 x 20 tablets of 500mg each